Community Involvement

Due to the success of our boat shows year after year, the North Florida Marine Association has the opportunity to give back to the community by funding local marine-related events and nonprofits making a difference to protect and promote the marine industry and beyond. Over the last few years, NFMA was proud to support the following organizations with monetary donations allowing them to make a positive impact in our community and to our marine environment:

Safe Harbor Boys Home Redfish Roundup

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The North Florida Marine Association is proud to be a sponsor of the Redfish Roundup that supports Safe Harbor Boys Home. Safe Harbor Boys Home is a residential program utilizing the waterfront as a therapeuticresidential and educational environment for troubled teenage boys

Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament

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The North Florida Marine Association is proud to be a sponsor of the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament. GJKT utilizes its proceeds to support marine science research, preservation, and education

Ancient City Challenge

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The North Florida Marine Association is proud to be a sponsor of the Ancient City Challenge. Tournament proceeds go to support local charities and offshore restoration efforts

Northeast Florida Marlin Association

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The North Florida Marine Association is proud to be a sponsor of the Northeast Florida Marlin Association. Their purpose is to facilitate recognized programs devoted to offshore fisheries; to build strong relationships and camaraderie between a group of local sport fisherman by hosting social events, tournaments and seminars. By doing this, we will provide a positive forum where fishing information, techniques, and camaraderie can be fostered among sportsmen.

Florida Water Warriors

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Florida Water Warriors is a Florida 501c3 non-profit organization operated by dedicated volunteers, with a mission to engage in a sprite of equitable education access by providing knowledge and opportunities to underserved students and community members in the Northeast coastal area of Florida.

Their mission is an important one, both locally here in Northeast Florida and globally. Our beautiful coast is threatened to shrink dramatically in the next 10 years, and our education has led to a startling amount of misinformation. Florida Water Warriors has already gone a long way to helping us chart a new course in our relationship to our oceans

TISIRI stands for “Think It, Sink It, Reef It.” They generate reef concepts incorporating recycled material and ultimately create marine bio-diverse hot spots. These reefs are appreciated by fisherman, divers, environmentalists, industries, and marine life. TISIRI focuses their efforts in reef creation, environmental conservation, and marine awareness.


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NFMA is currently working with J-Tech, a non-profit institute, to develop a workforce initiative. J-Tech’s marine technology program is part of the Yamaha Marine University and includes training with modern test equipment and specialized tools that replicate real working environments.

The J-Tech shop provides a multi-level approach using computerized diagnostic information systems, system specific specialty tools, electronic circuit testing tools and meters, and air conditioning charging and recovery equipment. This will prepare students to take the Yamaha certification exams required in the Marine Maintenance Certification Program (MCP).